While the studio is closed, we’re still running some of our classes, online and live streamed via Zoom. We’re offering Pilates and Yoga to help keep you fit, and strong in both mind and body. Our teachers are supportive and down to Earth and are here to guide you safely through each class, even from home


Long & Strong

Enhance your overall movement quality and joint health as you connect to your core, build strength, and improve your posture. A blend of modalities for a session that focuses on moving better, feeling better and having fun! Sunday mornings will focus on stretching, releasing and self myo fascial release for increased flexibility and relaxation. A great class for runners and cyclists. Suitable for all levels.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga emphasises precision, alignment and attention to the breath. You can expect detailed instructions from the teacher but also to be encouraged to work at your own capacity using props to support where needed. Suitable for all levels, Saturday is a longer class that is geared towards those with experience.

Vinyasa Flow

 A dynamic and creative practice that links poses and breath in a flowing sequence.  Focus on alignment and awareness of the breath empowering you to feel strong, balanced and energised. All levels are welcome


Experience the Illuminate way of Mat Pilates. Using small props and body weight, we will tone, strengthen and lengthen the body with mindful, controlled movements. The perfect addition to Yoga classes or other workouts and by focusing on form and breath, it is a complete mind body workout. Suitable for all levels

Gentle Yoga

This class focuses on simple yoga postures, breathing practices and relaxation which will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Ideal for beginners or anyone who prefers a gentle approach to yoga.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras and is an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices.  

Beginners Yoga

This is a slow paced class so perfect for those new to Yoga wanting to learn the basics, who have injuries or have been practicing for a while and want to refine their postures. We will explore alignment and purpose – giving you the tools to confidently join any Yoga class on our schedule.


 Yin Yoga has a meditative approach with a series of slow, long holds and floor-based poses that stretch out the connective tissues and fascia in the body. It’s a quiet practice that will help recharge  your body, mind, and spirit and offers a chance to turn inward and nurture the calm, quiet centre that is in in all of us. Suitable for all levels

Yoga + Meditation

A slow Sunday morning Yoga class using Yoga Tune up balls for rolling and releasing tight muscles, both Yin and Yang postures to stretch and release and then a guided meditation with sound to really nourish your mind, body and soul.

Community Class

Community Yoga is a new class offering a one hour free general yoga class for people who may otherwise not be able to afford the luxury of attending yoga classes. This is the Illuminate Yoga way of giving back to the community. Anyone is welcome at these classes, younger or older, all abilities, absolute beginners or those with more experience.


A blend of Pilates and Yoga with a pregnancy specific focus to stabilise the pelvis and lower back, build stamina and endurance, tone and strengthen the whole body as well as promote good posture and alignment. We believe in the fourth trimester so mothers of new babies are welcome to join this class too.

Mindfulness & Meditation

More information to come…

New to yoga? Q&A-

Welcome to our lovely studio and community. Have a look at our frequently asked questions below but feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

What to bring?

We have mats and props at the studio. But feel free to bring your own mat if you prefer. If it’s your first time at the studio, please let the teacher know when you arrive so they can show you where things are and what you’ll need.

Do I need to book?

Yes. This can be done here on our website or by downloading our app through Glofox. It’s easy and convenient for you to manage your bookings and payments.

What if I am injured?

If you’re injured or have other ongoing issues, please let your teacher know at the start of the class. You can always contact us directly and we can talk to your prior to attending about how best to manage injuries or which classes might be best suited for you.

What to wear?

Soft, comfy clothing that you can move in. Classes are done without shoes and usually socks so feel free to turn up in thongs or ugg boots!

Which is the best class for me?

You will be looked after whichever class you come to. We have lots of different classes so there’s something for everyone. Our teachers are sensitive to the needs of beginners, new people to the studio and those of us who are a bit rusty! The best way to know if a class works for you is to give it a go. We have a 3 week intro pass for new students giving you unlimited access to all classes on the timetable for three weeks so you can get a feel for our different Yoga styles, classes and teachers.