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Welcome to Illuminate Yoga Studio! 

The physical doors at Illuminate  studio are closed for now. But you can still get your Yoga and Pilates fix as we offer our classes live streamed via Zoom. For our Foundation members, we have also created Illuminate on Demand, a library of high definition videos offering you Yoga, Pilates and mindful movement classes. With our live stream classes as well as new classes added weekly to Illuminate on Demand, you’ll get through lockdown with a stronger body, a calmer mind and more energy. We can’t wait for you to become a part of our community and give you the guidance to help you become naturally you; confident, strong and comfortable in your skin. 



Yoga offers a way for you to strengthen your body and increase flexibility but also helps to quieten the mind and reduce stress. We have different types of Yoga including Align  Yoga, all about alignment and precision; Yoga Flow which focuses on linking breath with flowing movement and Yin Yoga, long held stretches and a focus on quiet and calm. We also have Power Yoga and Yoga Sculpt, which is a Yoga inspired workout using weights! 


At Illuminate, our Pilates classes are fun and functional. Liana, our resident “core” specialist will guide you to your strongest and longest self! We use small props and body weight to tone, strengthen and lengthen the body with mindful, controlled movements. Pilates is a complete mind body workout. You will feel the difference right away and see the difference in your body in only a few sessions! 

Barre (coming soon!)

Barre takes the best of Pilates, dance and Yoga to bring you an incredible low impact but high value workout, that will help you to feel longer, stronger and more energetic.  

Plus it’s FUN! Exercise shouldn’t be a a punishment. Work out to music, enjoy heaps of variety and classes are done in 45 mins. Can’t wait to meet you at the barre soon!








Try our studio App!

We have a booking App via Glofox that lets you download directly to your phone, sign into the studio and then book and pay for classes. All whilst keeping track of your upcoming bookings. Sign up on the app to get access to classes and meditations 
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